Conversational IT Process Automation (ITPA) for MSPs

Zero Risk ITPA with Consumption-based Pricing

Intelligent Automation

Why Conversational ITPA for MSPs?

We worry about your bottom line, so you don’t have to. Especially designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), with the trustworthy ITPA goodness AutomationEdge is known for. But without the bean counting per bot cost MSPs are used to – we offer all in a consumption based “pay only for what you eat” model.

You don’t like surprises, neither do we.  30-50% automation projects fail-a sobering statistic. Leave the implementation to us. With Conversational ITPA,  AutomationEdge takes on the implementations of  IT Process Automation leaving you with a Zero Risk assurance promise, no matter what your process or domain.

You love predictability in your margins and outcomes, so do we. With Conversational ITPA, we are taking a long view of projects instead of the short view of bots and transactions. We promise  you the unbearable boredom of predictability in your margins and outcomes.

Conversational ITPA Offerings

How Does It Work?

How Conversational ITPA for MSPs Works?

Assured bottomline – Predictable per ticket resolution cost
Differentiated offering – Conversational IT Process Automation platform purpose-built for IT

Conversational IT smartly addresses employees’ IT issues with
personalized and instant solutions

We worry about your bottom line, so you don’t have to.

Ride the ebb and flow of business with guaranteed margins at a consumption-based flat price, no matter the volume of transactions.

Consumption-based Flat Price
Outcome Predictability

You love predictability in your margins and outcomes, So do we.

What if you can plan and predict the outcome of your incoming  tickets?
Get a handle on your  ticket resolution time and a fix on the costs of resolution incurred. Now, you are ready to definitively plan the resources needed on the floor.
No surprises. Smooth expenditure outflow.

You don’t like surprises, neither do we.

Risk free implementation for MSPs: Give us your tired implementations to assure hiccup free workflow deployment.
We know the platform. We have seen it all – at over thousands of customer implementations. We guarantee a smooth implementation no matter what the process or the domain is.
Our implementation teams have an aggregate of thousands of hours of implementation experience.

Risk free implementation for MSPs

You have the scale,
we have the flexibility at
a single flat price.

Process Automation for MSPs

Process Automation for MSPs

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Zero Risk IT Process Automation for MSPs