RPA & AI Videos

RPA & AI Videos

Revenue Cycle Management Process automation

AutomationEdge for Home Care

Robotic Process Automation in Banking

HR Process Automation with Generative AI, Whatsapp, MSTeams and AutomationEdge

Medicare Payment Process Automation

AutomationEdge Admission and Discharge process

Clinical Process Automation Using RPA and Skedulo

AutomationEdge RPA in Healthcare : Electronic Visit Verification Process Automation

AutomationEdge RPA in Banking

AutomationEdge Hyperautomation Solution for Healthcare

Hyperautomation Solution For IT Process Automation ITPA

Hyperautomation Solution for Insurance

Insurance Eligibility Verification

RPA for Banking Customer Onboarding Process Automation

RPA in Healthcare – Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Patient Appointment Scheduling Automation

RPA for Healthcare – Electronic Health Record (EHR) Automation

AutomationEdge hyperautomation platform

DocEdge – Intelligent Document Processing with OCR, RPA and AI

AutomationEdge DocEdge Features & Use cases

AutomationEdge Aadhaar Masking with DocEdge

AutomationEdge Conversational RPA

AutomationEdge Conversational IT

AutomationEdge Hyperautomation Platform for IT & Business

AutomationEdge Cognibot – Virtual Agent for IT & Business

Why, Where and How of RPA in Banking & Financial Services

Industry’s First RPA on Cloud Solution

Automating BMC Helix ITSM with AutomationEdge

Automate Skedulo & EHR Systems in Healthcare Industry

Purchase Order Automation with AutomationEdge and Konica Minolta MFD

Media Invoice Processing Automation at Global Retail Industry

Automation Use Cases in Education Industry